Achieve true off-leash freedom and confidence with your dog

The e-collar has many misconceptions and misunderstandings due to the lack of proper understanding and education. I am breaking down all of the nuances of this useful tool as it has proven to be extremely effective in training. The remote collar has a vast array of amazing benefits for dog owners wanting to optimize their training on-and off-leash.


In this course

You will learn how my clients and I have been wildly successful using the latest modern remote collar training.

"I don't want to do it wrong and mess up my dog!" - This is something I hear often, and this is EXACTLY why we worked so hard creating this course for you. After years of traveling the world working with dogs and their owners, I understand not everyone has access to proper dog training or education on the correct use of the e-collar. This is your take-home course to ensure you know exactly how to do it correctly!

Is it a shock collar? How do I know it's fit correctly? What level do I start out with? These are the questions you guys have asked over the years, and this covers it ALL!

There is no other training tool in the world that will hold your dog accountable like the e-collar, BUT you have to do it correctly in order for your dog to be safe.

This is where the fun truly begins: Applying all of the knowledge you have just gained. This is like having me alongside you in your training. I walk you through how to use it to train your dog, creating varying exercises to teach your dog with the collar.

What's inside: